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What Will Be the Outcome of the Next Financial Crisis?

What Will Be the Outcome of the Next Financial Crisis?
January 19
14:36 2016

Many financial and political analysts have warned that a financial crisis similar to or larger than the one in 2008 is on the horizon. One would think that the second financial crisis within a decade would lead to people finally questioning the foundation of capitalism and whether we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time, but perhaps the opposite is true.

From analysts such as David Stockman to politicians including Donald Trump and Ron Paul, there are arguments that these crises occur not because of capitalism, but because of limitations that the government has imposed on capitalism.

If there is another financial crisis, expect to see these right-wing politicians arguing that the restrictions placed on the market and the role of government within our capitalist society are to blame. Some even believe that Trump is hoping for a financial collapse by election time, so he can place the blame solely on Clinton’s school of thought.

As many believe a financial crisis is imminent, it will be interesting to see who points the finger at who first, and which side comes out on top.


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