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Spend Less this Holiday Season

Spend Less this Holiday Season
November 30
14:28 2015

The holiday season brings family, friends, fun times, and memories. But for lots of us, the holiday season also brings stress – and worries about how we’re going to check off everything on our very expensive list this winter. Keep reading to learn how you can put a little extra jingle in your holidays – and your wallet – by spending less money and minimizing stress as the year draws to a close.

According to a Bank of America/USA Today reports, nearly 41% of Millennials are considered “chronically stressed” in regards to finances. And it only gets worse during the holiday season.

“If your situation doesn’t allow for several gifts, then it doesn’t,” states the matter-of-fact psychologist Ginger Dean. She recommends “getting real” about your finances. You don’t have to play Santa to make your family and friends happy. Be realistic when making holiday goals and purchasing gifts.

Check out

This helpful website is the mecca for selling and buying gift cards. If you’ve received gift cards you know you’ll never use, you might as well sell them. also sells gift cards from more than 3,000 stores, many of them at discounted prices.

Branded gift cards, Visa gift cards, and gas cards are often the best options for teenagers. With a gift card, they can buy what they really want or need. There’s nothing worse than spending money on a gift that the person will never use.

Start early and avoid being ripped off

Don’t start shopping for presents with only a week left until the big day! Spending money on gifts over the course of a few months won’t be as big a blow to your wallet as doing it all at once – and it allows more time for you to strategically buy and avoid being overcharged.

If you’re worried about online shopping fraud, check out

Save Money

In addition to spending money gradually, you can also make plans with others to split the price of gifts. For example, combine forces with your siblings to buy one special gift for your parents.

Remember that the price tag isn’t what makes a gift special. It’s the thought that counts. Handmade items and personal touches like stocking stuffers and experiences (i.e. cooking dinner for relatives) mean so much more than an expensive lawn ornament.

Cyber Stalker

Don’t know what to buy for your brother? Watch him on social media. View recent check-ins, status updates, and likes for clues as to what he might want. For example, buy him some new gear if he’s always checking in at the gym.

Above all, the holidays are about spending time with family and friends, relaxing, and enjoying the company of others. So take a deep breath, follow the above advice, stay realistic, and don’t worry if you can’t afford that new iPhone or laptop.

Happy Holidays!

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