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4 Tips for Working With An Ex

4 Tips for Working With An Ex
February 23
12:03 2016

According to CareerBuilder, about 37% of American workers say they’ve had an office romance. Although it may be fun during the course of the relationship to work with the person you love, what happens if the relationship ends? How do you put aside your feelings and learn to coexist in the office? Here are four tips:


Separate work and life.

Don’t discuss issues you had with your ex with other co-workers, and avoid getting into deep discussions or arguments with your ex while at work. Not only will it make you the topic of office gossip, but you’ll also make co-workers feel uncomfortable and stuck in the middle.


Schedule time to talk.

If the breakup wasn’t friendly, you may have a lot to say to your ex and vice versa, but never do it in the office. If necessary, schedule time before or after work to meet and talk away from the office. Even if your ex approaches you at your desk, firmly say no and remove yourself from the conversation to avoid it escalating.


Avoid your ex.

If you’re in a position where you’re forced to communicate or work with your ex daily, ask to switch to a different team or department. Be sure to communicate to your management that it’s not about your ex, but rather about learning new skills and advancing your career.


Set boundaries.

Depending on how your relationship ended, you may be able to calmly talk to your ex and establish “work rules” that dictate how you both will behave in the office. Examples would be to avoid telling co-workers your secrets or details about the relationship, or maybe not to come to your side of the office until time after the breakup has passed.


Overall, the goal is to focus on your own career and not on how the relationship ended. Try to remember that there is no place for romantic drama in the office.


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