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Finding a New Path After Retirement

Finding a New Path After Retirement
March 08
11:38 2016

According to a study released by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, American workers are already anticipating the need to extend their working lives. Another study done by Merrill Lynch found that three out of every five working retirees saw retirement as a way to purse another line of work.

Here are steps you can take to find a new purpose after retirement:

Stay out of debt.

Financial freedom gives you the ability to pursue new careers without the fear of failing. If possible, stay out of debt when entering your retirement years so you don’t feel the pressure of having to make a certain amount of money to get by. Instead, you can focus on your passions and let the money come as an afterthought.



Take time to be by yourself and think about what you really want out of the rest of your life. What’s missing? Where do you feel unfulfilled? Answer these questions honestly to get a better understanding of what you should do with your retirement years.


Know your skills.

Take a look at the skillset you have. Are there any skills you haven’t used that you would love to tap into? If you’re unsure of where to start, try meeting with a career or life coach to guide you through the process. You may have natural management skills that you never knew of, or be more tech-savvy then you thought. Once you’ve identified the skills, figure out how to use them in a new line of work.



Research volunteer opportunities that will give you invaluable experience in a new field. Not only will this help you develop new skills, but it’s also a great way to network in the community and meet new connections. Check out websites such as or Commongood Careers to find an opportunity located near you.


Reach out to your network.

Tap into your existing network of friends, family members and colleagues to see if they know of any opportunities that would be a good fit. It never hurts to ask, so even if it’s someone who works in a completely different field, they may have a friend of a friend who has an opening. Reach out to anyone and everyone that you have on LinkedIn or other social media networks to maximize your opportunities.



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